Forbes India Brand Connect: Brand Promotion and Cost Explained

Forbes India Brand ConnectPeople who aspire to grow their brand or personal profile online know the importance of media publication. Forbes India being a leading media publication is a dream destination of many PR agencies and brands who want to get published there. People who have visited must have come across the “Forbes India Brand Connect” section which contains articles about various people, companies and institutions.

There is not much information on Forbes India brand promotion charges/cost due to which many people wonder how to get published there. is the right choice if one wants to get featured in Forbes India. If you want to get published on Forbes India, you can call us at the number 9300-435-825

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Benefits of Getting Published in

1. Mega branding as “Forbes” is a worldwide recognized publication and “Forbes India” is its Indian affiliate.
2. High ranking power. has a high domain authority due to which articles published on it rank higher in Google.
3. Increased trust factor in brand as people who find a profile/brand published on will perceive the profile/brand credible.
4. Increased chances of coverage as big publications are frequently visited by media personnel which in turn increases chances of extra branding on other sites.
5. Return on Investment is high as compared to offline publication as offline publication lifetime is short while the lifetime of online publication is big.

What makes Forbes India unique and why should you consider it?

Forbes India is a leading magazine in India and has high circulation. Its web portal has thousands of monthly visitors and its domain authority is high (which means better ranking power). The brand value of getting a brand mentioned on is immense.

How long does it take to get published there?

The turnaround time for getting published on is 6-7 days. If you have the article ready, then the time frame will be shorter else we can create the story and do publication both.

Why media mentions are important?

Media mentions about a brand increase its credibility which in turn brings more profits. Any user who finds a brand covered by big renowned publications considers it as a trust factor which is one of the key drivers for sales in any business/service.

What other options are available for media mentions?

We can do placement of your brand/profile on International publications like Associated Press, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, LA Weekly, etc. We also have bulk distribution options to many press release sites including FOX, CBS Affiliates.

How can I get started with ForbesIndia publication?

You can call us at 9300-435-825 and let us know your requirements. We can also frame the article if you don’t have one ready.

SPECIAL NEW YEAR OFFER (till 15-01-2022) – ForbesIndia publishing at lowest price in Market. Call 9300-435-825

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